Indie Ink

Indie Ink Studios is an independent-powered comics imprint specializing in classic quality and unusual ideas.


Our new four-issue miniseries Nightworld is debuting from industry heavyweight Image Comics on August 6, 2014; Nightworld's full site is coming soon, but click here for how to order it and to learn the comic's story!

Our upcoming project, the silicon cowboy Kid Luger, had a one-page debut in the Magic Bullet comics newspaper in July and has a much longer story teased here.

Our first release, Dr. Id, was nominated for a prestigious Ignatz Award as Outstanding Comic of the Year, and its archived site (some of which is in serious need of updating for disappearing links; we're working through our issues, trust us!) is here (we sold out of copies but if you'd be interested in a discount digital version).

click here if you'd be interested in a discount digital version).

Our dystopian antihero, Idoru Jones, lives in an antique video monitor-tube genie-bottle in the future at this link

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